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Hydrostatic level sensor

  • News
  • August 16, 2021


hydrostatic level sensor is used to measure the pressure created by a liquid. The greater the height of the liquid, the greater the pressure. The sensor needs to be close to the bottom of the tank and either fitted on the outside via a thread or a flange, or entering into the top of the tank and then attached to the bottom. The pressure creates movement of a flexible piece of metal or ceramic, known as a diaphragm, a bit like a drum, and the position of the diaphragm is measured and a signal is produced that relates to the level of liquid in the tank. As a hydrostatic sensor needs to be in contact with the product then we need to ensure that the materials are compatible, and any aggressive medium doesn’t eat away at the instrument. Most sensor are made from stainless steel which is usually fine, but for nasties such as acids then we can provide sensors made from engineered plastics that will suit the conditions.