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Radio Telemetry

  • News
  • August 17, 2021


What is Radio Telemetry?

Radio telemetry is the communication of Analogue (4-20mA, 0-10V), Digital (on/off), Pulse count (for example from a flow meter) or Serial Data (RS232/485) without the use of wires. Radio telemetry systems are generally used when it is too far for cable to be cost effective, when a telephone line is too expensive – for installation and/or line rental, when there are no available cores left in current cable system or there are certain time constraints. There are different frequencies available across the globe for radio telemetry systems and even within the UK there are a number of bands available for use over different ranges (how far the signal will be sent) and band widths. For example there is a delicensed radio telemetry band at 458MHz in the United Kingdom. With this you can transmit 500mW ERO and therefore communicate over approximately 20km. Line of sight is not essential but obstacles reduce the range You can have different types of radio telemetry network, such as Point to Point, One to Many, Many to One, Network – where data goes between any number of sites. You can also use repeaters – when communications not directly possible, because of an obstruction (such as a hill) or distance too great.

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