The term used to bring to the attention of the operator a condition, for example in vendor managed inventory could be ‘the tank level is low, you need to arrange for the tank to be filled’


Ambient temperature

The ambient temperature indicates the maximum and minimum permissible temperatures for the sensor.



Something which is continuously changing, for example temperature, pressure or level. In remote monitoring and instrumentation analogues are usually signals from sensors or transmitters and in the form of 4-20 milliAmps or 0-10 Volts.

The tank level for example could be represented by 4mA = 0 litres, 20mA = 50,000 litres.


Assured operating distance (sa)

This relates to capacitive sensors. The assured operating point takes into account all the external influences, sample and media variances and is in the range from 0 % to 72 % of the rated operating distance point. Within this range a guaranteed switching is ensured.


Automated data collection

Automated data collection is when information, such as tank level, is gathered by an instrument and stored for future use or transmission. When this is automated then the instrument collects the data without any manual intervention.

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