In telemetry, when we talk about data we are referring to the measured variable, such as level in the case of a analogue, or ‘the pump is running in the case of a digital. We have available a web based data presentation solution – Gateway – the telemetry unit reports periodically or on alarm to Gateway and the user can view the data over the internet, creating a range of reports and exporting for use in 3rd party applications.

Radio and GSM telemetry solutions


Data acquisition

When information, such as tank level, is gathered by an instrument and stored for future use or transmission.

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The variable time delay for flow sensors can be set between 0 and 25 seconds. If the medium ceases to flow and the amplifier display indicates this state, the relay contact is actuated only after the set delay. During the delay period the yellow LED lights up together with the red LED.


Detection Range

This is the range over which a sensor will operate. For example a level sensor will need to work over a range to suit the height of the tank, or a flow sensor will operate over a the flow rates that pass through the pipe.



A digital signal is one which has two states, ON or OFF. For example the pump is running (ON) or the pump is idle (OFF).