Temperature medium

The temperature range for which a sensor is rated. Applies to the medium (product) to be monitored.


Temperature gradient

Temperature gradient applies to the range of thermal transfer flow sensors. It is the change of the medium´s temperature within a defined period of time is called temperature gradient. These flow sensorshave a temperature gradient up to 250 K/min. for water. If the change of medium temperature exceeds this value, there will be a malfunction of the flow controller.

Flow Sensors


Telemetry systems

A Telemetry system usually comprises a sensor, such as a level sensor, a telemetry unit (or an RTU), a means of communications, such as the mobile phone network and a means fo collecting and displaying the data.

PowTechnology telemetry devices are affordable, flexible, easy to install, configure and test. We can provide all or part of your telemetry system, working with you to give you what you want, with sensors, communications, data collection & presentation and ERP interfaces. We have devices that can run from batteries, solar cells or other sources of power. Our designs have been recognised and rewarded for their engineering excellence.



What is Telemetry?

Telemetry is the remote measurement or the remote collection of data which can be physical, environmental or biological.

Telemetry is typically used to gather data from distant, inaccessible locations, or when data collection would be dangerous or difficult for a variety of reasons. In telemetry, specialized instruments perform measurements of physical quantities, and store or transmit the resulting signal – sometimes after some initial signal processing or conversion.

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Telematics is often confused with telemetry. Telemetry can be the remote monitoring of anything, whether it be moving or stationary, whereas Telematics refers to moving objects, such as cars, fuel tanks and the like, and is generally concerned about their whereabouts or location. It is possible to combine Telemetry with Telematics.

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Tank Inventory visibility

86% of deliveries are inefficient – the use of remote level monitoring provides tank inventory visibility and helps to significantly reduce the number of inefficient deliveries, dramatically bringing down distribution costs.  As the cost of fuel continues to go up, the demands from customers get greater and as competiton increases the need for remote tank level monitoring has never been higher and the benefits are clear. Having tank inventory visibility can make cost savings immediately with 24% fewer deliveries needed.

  • Reduced distribution costs
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Longer term & single source supply contracts
  • Fewer panics & run outs
  • Long term production scheduling, helping manufacturing and purchasing
Reduce distribution costs with tank inventory visibility