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Powelectrics would like to thank everyone who voted for our Metron4 device to be IIoT Product Of The Year in Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2022!!

We are extremely proud to receive this recognition, based on 30 years of expertise & practical experience in instrumentation & digitalisation. The Metron range of GSM/GPRS M2M devices is class-leading, ready for 2G sunset and interfacing with thousands of sensor types.

Dave Oakes, Powelectrics MD, told us:

I’m delighted that we have been selected by our customers and peers! Metron4 is an amazing tool for anyone wanting to embrace digital transformation, but perhaps reluctant, due to the prospect of lengthy solution development and high initial costs.

With the highly versatile, yet ‘plug and play’ Metron4 you can start simply, get some data from your sensors … visualise it … perhaps perform some simple calculations and then expand

…. up to and including an international estate of connected assets!

Great benefits can be derived without the complexity and expense of Machine Learning and AI.”


Metron devices report to Powelectrics MetronView platform, so our customers can simply connect their sensors & power and login in to the secure web portal to see their remote monitoring readings online immediately. Please click the links to learn more!

You can also see Siemens excellent review of Metron4 here.

Download MetronView Bhttps://tinyurl.com/2j73ruuwrochure here.

Learn about Metron Intelligence here.

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