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PowTechnology have released another new development to our range of IIoT solutions! This mux board allows 8 digital inputs into each of the 4 channels on our well-proven Metron4 telemetry hardware.


This new multiplexer now allows:

  • 4   analogue
  • 8   digital + 3 analogue
  • 16 digital + 2 analogue
  • 24 digital + 1 analogue
  • 32 digital

This is ideal for applications where a mix of analogue/digital signals into one device is perfect, such as pumping stations.

Data would then be visible on PowTechnology MetronView cloud, visible on any web -enabled device, to unlimited authorised users, within an access hierarchy system.

PowTechnology are not a shopfront for third-party developers. We offer over 30 years of genuine expertise and practical experience in sensing, instrumentation and communications and can guide customers through the technologies available.