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Will joined PowTechnology six months ago as an IIoT Solutions Architect. His mission is to understand our customers’ technical and commercial needs and to propose IIoT solutions, to help them achieve digital transformation and improve safety, efficiency and margin.

Will told us: “This last six months has been really exciting! I really couldn’t have imagined the range of PowTechnology customers or the breadth of technology and innovations at my disposal to help them with their challenges and issues.

One day I’m in a bus depot looking at wash consumption, the next I’m helping with a beaver conservation project!! I could be helping a factory monitor power consumption as part of their ISO5001 energy management or looking at run time on pumps at the largest farm in the UK!

In just six months I’ve worked on solutions within industries as diverse as chemicals, power, construction, waste and security. Its great to apply myself to so many new challenges and I’ve learnt so much!

Whilst there are lots of transferable problems between industries, there are also things that are unique to each space. I get a huge buzz out of understanding people’s objectives and seeing them achieved!

There is a massive energy in the business. Since I joined the Team, we have launched a range of solutions under the banner ‘Metron Intelligence’. It’s a versatile, highly customisable suite of IIoT technologies to gather data from a vast range of sensors, machines & IIoT devices. It effectively turns ‘data’ into ‘knowledge’, using contextual analysis, anomaly detection, artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximise efficiency, minimise cost and waste and improve margin. I love it!

Since I started, we have also launched our first subsidiary business. ‘PowUtilities’ delivers SMART electricity, gas & water metering technology to multi-occupancy sites, such as residential & holiday parks, managed & serviced offices & industrial units. Its truly innovative technology, with enormous potential to cut utility costs and reduce energy consumption. Everyone’s a winner!

Thank you to the whole Powelectics team for the welcome and support they have offered!”

Dave Oakes, PowTechnology MD, added “Will has been a fantastic addition to the PowTechnology Team. He brings energy and enthusiasm, but also a strong technical understanding of our solutions. He’s been able to build great rapport with customers and colleagues alike and draw on his knowledge to create innovative, effective and affordable IIoT solutions.”


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