Fuel Management

Ardent’s solutions are transformative, differentiated and vital for ensuring safety and productivity on projects involving our equipment. We needed a partner with the expertise to achieve our vision, the agility to respond quickly to our commercial challenge and the infrastructure to provide exceptional technical support.

PowTechnology has been an excellent choice on all counts! Fuel-IT smart fuel tanks are the UK’s most sophisticated tanks, enhancing our brand and reputation and our customers are delighted! I would have no hesitation in recommending PowTechnology as an IIoT development partner.

CEO Ardent Hire Solutions

The Task

Ardent Hire Solutions manages over 7000 assets via 10 UK depots. When tax rule changes meant only expensive white diesel could be used on construction sites, a theft issue arose. Ardent wanted to develop a smart fuel tank to monitor fuel usage and prevent abuse. Data had to be integrated into Ardent’s award-winning ‘Site Manager’ software, which tracks asset performance.

The Solution

PowTechnology was recommended and selected for our technical expertise, agile development and ability to integrate the data. A proof of concept was delivered within 6 months. Site feedback led to functional and aesthetic refinements and the Fuel-IT roll-out took place inside 18 months. PowTechnology provided full installation and usage training.

The Result

This advanced PowTechnology IIoT solution helps Ardent differentiate their service. They help customers streamline operations, reduce costs, improve safety and increase sustainability. Customers can automate fuel ordering, plan fuel deliveries and avoid run-outs. A big bonus is authorised dispersal, where users identify themselves and the asset being fuelled. Data identifies theft and also fuel management and maintenance issues.


  • Differentiated service & brand
  • Fuel theft deterrent & detection
  • Fuel run-outs eliminated
  • Improved site productivity
  • Maintenance issues identified
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