PowTechnology's digital transformation solutions are widely deployed within construction, due to our ability to connect thousands of sensor types to the Industrial Internet of Things.

PowTechnology’s versatile suite of IIoT technologies allows data from a broad range of sensors, machines & IIoT devices to be reported to a single, customisable platform, generating bespoke reports & alerts to ensure that construction projects are delivered effectively.

PowTechnology offers over 30 years of expertise & practical experience in instrumentation & digitalisation, delivering IIoT solutions globally.

  • Remote condition monitoring of plant & processes to perform maintenance before breakdown occurs (generators, pumps, heavy plant, security systems).
  • Tank, silo, IBC level & load cell monitoring to understand usage & avoid run-outs/overfills, with associated disruption & clean-up. (fuels, aggregate, additives, waste).
  • Metering & energy management of site equipment, temporary structures on site and within constructions.
  • Monitoring emissions of gases and effluent, to protect people & environment & comply with industry legislation.
  • Water level monitoring on & near sites for flood protection.

PowTechnology’s well-proven, versatile MetronView cloud collects data from a vast array of sensors, machines and IIoT devices. It gets your data flowing … fast… from your first step towards digital transformation to an international estate of connected assets! Multiple power & communication options ensure connectivity in remote & rural environments.

Please click here for our brochure on PowTechnology’s IIoT Solutions For The Construction Industry

How can PowTechnology’s remote monitoring technology help you meet your construction industry challenges?

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