Waste Management

PowTechnology m2m kit currently monitors thousands of waste tanks, silos, cesspits and leachate liners.

PowTechnology’s waste management IIoT solutions currently monitor thousands of waste tanks, silos, cesspits and leachate liners around the world and forms the basis of bespoke waste management solutions, such as remote condition monitoring on industrial waste compactors.

Our waste management digital transformation technology delivers reliable, affordable data and high-level alerts on waste tank levels, accommodating even the most aggressive substances through a range of level sensing technologies.

PowTechnology’s solutions ensure avoid overfills and spillages, along with the associated health hazards, production issues and clean-up costs.

We also offer a Remote Tank Management System (MetronTMS), designed to improve logistics and reduce costs for organizations making collections from multiple customers’ with bulk tanks. Learn more about it here.

This Remote Inventory Management or Vendor Managed Inventory solutions, delivers enhanced service to customers helping to win and retain contracts.

Please see our Tank Level Monitoring/Vendor Managed Inventory brochure here.

PowTechnology’s proprietary telemetry hardware and platform can be combined with a range of trusted third-party technology to design bespoke IIoT solutions for a broad range of waste management projects.

Have can PowTechnology help with your waste management issues?

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