Waste Management

From initiation of the project, sourcing a reliable, proactive telemetry system supplier was critical, as this is fundamental to the whole solution. PowTechnology have been brilliant with their flexible and adaptable approach, which was just what we needed. I am particularly impressed with the reliability of the technology.

Bomac's Technical Director

The Task

Bomac Electric Ltd wanted to design a unique, automated oil management system to enable fast food outlets, food manufacturers and other users of oils and fats to monitor oil usage, minimise manual handling and reduce environmental risk.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s loT technology monitors level hourly. There are ‘traffic light’ level indicators on a local control panel and PowTechnology’s MetronView platform generates high level alarms for the customer and their waste contractor, if desired. The solution can predict when tanks will fill, based on recent usage. Temperature, inlet and outlet valve monitoring add system condition monitoring.

The Result

Now, PowTechnology’s Industry4.0 kit ensures that waste oil containers do not overfill because customers can plan for collections and their waste collectors can plan logical and cost-effective collection routes. Manual level checks and excessive manual handling is not necessary. Overfills consequences are also avoided, including health and environmental hazards, unpleasant odours and clean-up costs.


  • Overfills eliminated
  • Improved site safety
  • Reduced environmental risk
  • Condition monitoring
  • Efficient deliveries
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