Sensors As A Service

PowTechnology’s MetronView cloud offers platform providers “Sensors As A Service”… a reliable way to draw data from thousands of sensor types securely into their cloud.

Platform providers use PowTechnology’s hardware and the API on our software to integrate this sensor data into other application-specific platforms.

Many businesses monitor their physical processes by connecting sensors to monitoring and control technology. We empower you to channel those ‘data streams’ into your ‘data lake’.

We have delivered over a hundred thousand ‘connected sensor solutions’ helping customers monitor status, temperaturepressureflowlevel, vibration, humidity, CO2, proximity, distance, movement and many more parameters.

PowTechnology is a partner you can trust, with a deep understanding of both sensors and the wide range of communication technologies available to get sensor data to you, encompassing well-established GSM/GPRS and the rapidly emerging LPWAN/NBIoT technologies.

Connecting sensors helps customers really benefit from their sensor data to:

  • Lower operational costs by improving efficiency
  • Identify maintenance needs and avoid breakdown
  • Minimise disruption to core processes
  • Protect people, places, property and processes

What can PowTechnology’s solutions and ‘Sensors as a Service’ offer your customers?

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