Sigfox is the most widely deployed proprietary LPWAN low-power wide-area network technology, with networks in around 60 countries and covering 95% of the UK population.

PowTechnology is a Sigfox partner and offer a range of Sigfox devices that are battery powered, weatherproof and incredibly easy to deploy. For more information, please click the links below:

Typical Sigfox applications include remote electricity, water and gas meter reading for billing and waste/leakage detection. Sigfox is also used for temperature and humidity monitoring and a broad range of pulse counting and contact counting applications, including people counting and trespass alerts.

Typically, a Sigfox battery lasts up to 10 years, for readings every 2 hours, depending on the amount of energy required by the sensor(s). Data can be sent every 10 minutes if required by the application, although daily readings are more common, greatly extending battery life.

PowTechnology has fully integrated Sigfox telemetry into our MetronView cloud.

What can Sigfox, combined with PowTechnology’s expertise, do for you?

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