MetronTMS Tank Monitoring Software

PowTechnology’s Tank Monitoring Software (MetronTMS) is our web-based SMART Inventory Management IIoT data collection platform for customers who deliver or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules from their customers’ tanks in bulk.

Please see our Remote Tank Level Monitoring/Vendor Managed Inventory brochure here.

Please click here for a video walkthrough of our Remote Tank Level Monitoring/Vendor Managed Inventory IIoT solutions.

SMART Inventory Management, also known as Remote Inventory Management, Vendor Managed Inventory and VMI  is the use of remote level monitoring technology to report level of any type of substance (diesel, petrol, home heating oil, kerosene, biofuels, lubricants, coolants, cryogas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, animal feed, water, construction additivesAdBlue and waste).

This wireless tank monitoring delivers IIoT level data to significantly reduce bulk distribution costs, because efficient logistics can be planned. The vendor manages the inventory. No wasted journeys, panic deliveries/collections or part load returns.

Service and supply contracts can be won by offering enhanced service levels to end-user, helping them eliminate run-outs and overspills. MetronTMS can be badged to appear as the customers’ own platform.

Thresholds can be configured for individual tanks to alert customers when tanks are reaching amber and red alert low or high levels and even predict when individual tanks will need filling/emptying, based on recent usage. Users can be set up within a hierarchy.

Theft and leakage alerts can also be set up.

Tanks can be plotted on a map, by colour code and postcode to enable efficient logistics planning.

Data may be used to verify delivery dates and quantities for invoice reconciliation and to identify unauthorised deliveries or collections from competitors.

Furthermore, PowTechnology’s remote tank level systems generate digital transformation benefits across the whole business … in sales, production, operations, maintenance and finance as well as logistics.

How can PowTechnology’s Metron TMS Tank Monitoring Software portal help with your bulk distribution or collection?

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