As one of Europe’s largest AdBlue® distributors, GreenChem rely upon efficient logistics. PowTechnology’s dependable and robust remote tank level monitoring solution supports that and helps us deliver exceptional customer service. PowTechnology have been our telemetry partner for over a decade, because their solutions are exceptionally well-proven in many countries and we are fully supported technically and commercially.

Managing Director, GreenChem Holding BV

The Task

GreenChem is one of Europe’s largest AdBlue®. producers and distributors with thousands of contracted customers, supplied from over 40 production facilities around Europe and Brazil. In 2010 they needed a more reliable telemetry solution to measure tank levels and ensure customers did not run out of essential supplies.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s lloT hardware reports level data to PowTechnology’s software, installed on GreenChem’s own servers, with data exported into their ERP, to assist a range of operational activities. A huge advantage is the ability to remotely configure units to accommodate over 40 tank designs.

The Result

GreenChem delivers exceptional service to thousands of customers, ensuring that trucks, cars, off-road equipment and agricultural machinery can operate efficiently. Logical deliveries minimise fuel costs and environmental impact. On-site installation is easy with remote configuration.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Efficient logistics
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Environmental impact minimised
  • Simple installation and retrofit
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