PowTechnology’s versatile suite of IIoT technologies allows data from sensors, machines & IIoT devices to be reported to a single, customisable platform, generating bespoke reports & alerts to ensure the safety of people, plant, property & our environment.

PowTechnology offers over 30 years of expertise & practical experience in instrumentation & digitalisation, delivering IIoT solutions globally. Safety and security IIoT solutions include:

  • Intrusion alerts (manholes/cable theft, kiosk access, void properties).
  • Remote temperature monitoring of assets (switchgear, biomass fuel stores) or high risk zones (server rooms) for fire prevention.
  • Condition monitoring of plant & processes to perform maintenance before dangerous breakdowns occurs (production plant, generators, pumps, security systems).
  • Remote tank level monitoring to identify theft & unauthorized usage & to avoid hazardous overspills or dangerous run-outs of essential supplies.
  • Monitoring emissions of gases and effluent, to protect people, property & the environment & comply with industry legislation.
  • Water level monitoring for flood protection.

Please click here for our brochure on PowTechnology’s IIoT Solutions for Safety & Security.

We are not a shop front for third-party developers. PowTechnology well-proven, versatile MetronView cloud collects data from a vast array of sensors, machines and IIoT devices. It gets your data flowing… fast… from your first step towards digital transformation to an international estate of connected assets!

Multiple power & communication options ensure connectivity in remote & rural environments.

How can PowTechnology’s robust, reliable remote monitoring solutions help you with your security concerns?

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