Metron4 2G/4G IIoT Hardware

PowTechnology have been at the cutting edge of ‘connected sensor’ technology for over 30 years, resulting in the class-leading Metron range of GSM/GPRS M2M devices to interface with sensors, take periodic readings and transmit them over mobile phone networks.

Metron4 is 4G enabled, in preparation for the 2G sunset, which is rapidly approaching.

Metron devices report to PowTechnology’s MetronView platform, so our customers can simply connect their sensors & power and log into our secure web portal to see their remote monitoring readings online immediately.

Metron4 is highly scalable… start simply… get some data from your sensors… perhaps perform some simple calculations… and then expand… up to an international estate of connected assets!

  • Supporting 2G and 4G (CatM1 & NB1)
  • Compatible with 1000s of sensors
  • Remotely configurable via MetronView
  • ‘Plug and Play’ for instant data
  • Self-contained and weatherproof
  • Solar, battery and external power options
  • Operational temperatures – 25 to +65°C
  • Retrofit or new installation
  • Multi-network, global roaming sim card (450 networks, 150 countries)
  • Proven globally across thousands of installations
  • Customers can badge units to appear as their own.

Metron4 offers enormous flexibility to add functionality for specific, customer-driven remote monitoring and condition monitoring applications.

In addition to 4 analogue inputs (4-20mA), there are expansion cards for pulse counting (5 channels) and RS232 and options to develop RS485 and CANBUS interfaces.

All units have an integral display, which helps with setup and test, as well as replacing costly local gauges.

A multiplexer/MUX board allows 8 digital inputs into each of the 4 channels…ideal for applications requiring a combination of digital and analogue signals into a single device and cloud, such as condition monitoring.

How can PowTechnology’s globally-proven Metron4 IIoT telemetry devices help you?

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