PowTechnology technology allows you to identify issues remotely, protecting your livestock, crops and assets.

PowTechnology’s solutions allow you to identify issues remotely, protecting your livestock, crops and assets, optimising maintenance, cutting costs and freeing up human resource. 

Our IIoT solutions can be battery and solar-powered, making them ideal in remote and rural environments.

Our sensor expertise encompasses flow, leveltemperaturepressure, vibration, humidity, CO₂ and many more.

  • Tank & silo level monitoring (fuel, fertiliser, feed,
    waste, milk) to understand usage, recognise
    anomalies & avoid run-outs or overfills
  • Water level monitoring & management for
    livestock & crop protection
  • Condition monitoring of plant & processes to
    perform maintenance before a breakdown occurs
  • Supply chain management
  • Metering & energy management
  • Pumping station monitoring & control
  • Monitoring gas emissions & effluent

Whether you need to know your chickens are warm, your cows have water, your generator has fuel, your waste needs collections, your kit needs maintenance or your slurry is mixed, PowTechnology can help you.

Click for our brochure on PowTechnology’s IIoT Solutions for Agriculture.

Click for  a guide to our solar-powered remote monitoring hardware. Data is reported to our cloud and both data and alerts are visible to unlimited, authorised users on any web-enabled device.

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