Flood Protection

The PowTechnology kit is just what we needed. Its robust, reliable and affordable. It came pre-configured to our requirements, can be reconfigured remotely and is intuitive to use. This telemetry is solar-powered and completely independent. When we have needed technical support, the response was great.

Owner of Tournesol

The Task

Tournesol Property Care in France offer property management services, specialising in expat homes, including a former water mill, with a water channel beneath it. Water rises rapidly after heavy rain. potentially flooding the mill and surrounding fields. Level is controlled by three manual lock gates.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s solar-powered telemetry solution reports hourly water level readings to PowTechnology’s MetronView loT platform, visible on any web-enabled device. There are 3 high level and 3 low level alarms, so Tournesol know what is happening without physically visiting.

The Result

Tournesol only need to physically visit the site when the lock gates needed opening or closing, saving them time, saving their client expense and protecting local agriculture. They now intend to expand this  PowTechnology m2m solution to control the gate activity automatically if water levels are too high or low.


  • Rapid response when needed
  • Reduced flood risk
  • Fewer physical site visits
  • Reduced expense to customer
  • Ecology protected
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