Power And Energy

PowTechnology’s Industry4.0 kit helps ensure that critical assets always have the power to function.

Our digital transformation technology monitors fuel levels in environments where power stoppages endanger people and property or incur heavy penalties, including hospitals, construction sites and National Grid power generation facilities.

We deliver reliable alerts if there is a fault on essential assets or power has failed, so response can be immediate.

PowTechnology can help you remotely monitor or meter your energy usage as part of ISO 50001 for energy management and to identify inefficiencies/maintenance issues.

PowTechnology offers over 30 years’ expertise and practical experience in sensing and digital transformation.

Our proprietary Metron telemetry hardware and MetronView cloud can be combined with a range of trusted third-party technology to created bespoke IIoT solutions where power and energy is mission critical.

How can PowTechnology help you with your power and energy remote monitoring needs?

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