This lloT solution has made a huge difference to our operations. It has helped reduce costs and improve our relationships with customers, helping us maintain site security for them and eliminate their callout costs. The reliability of the PowTechnology’s kit has been fantastic and their tech support is second to none! The project is paying back so quickly that our sister companies in the Netherland, Germany and Belgium plan to adopt this PowTechnology m2m solution.

Engineering Manager, Tag Systems

The Task

Tag Systems are UK market leaders in integrated wireless security, fire and safety services. Tag needed to ensure there was always a fuel supply for generators used to recharge batteries powering CCTV towers. If generators failed, CCTV would not operate, invalidating insurance & batteries could be damaged, needing expensive replacements.

The Solution

A PowTechnology loT solution monitors fuel levels in generator tanks, creating regular data to understand ‘typical’ usage, which helps identify maintenance issues and low level alerts when fuel is needed. Data is sent initially to PowTechnology’s cloud then collected by Tag’s own platform.

The Result

Preventing run-outs has enhanced site security, protecting Tag’s customers and reducing costs, such as battery replacement. Regular data via PowTechnology’s IIOT kit is used to define ‘atypical’ usage and maintenance needs.


  • Run-outs eliminated
  • Security maintained
  • Maintenance costs reduced
  • Excellent customer service
  • Integrates to customer cloud
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