Flood Protection

PowTechnology's telemetry solutions are helping people around the world manage the increasing number of 'extreme weather events' involving flooding.

Whether you are part of a community concerned for your homes and families, or a business that needs to protect people, property and processes, early warning of rising water levels gives you precious time to take action against flooding!

PowTechnology’s proprietary IIoT devices and platform can be combined with a range of trusted third-party technology to deliver timely flood protection water level alerts, so customers can act.

Our remote flood monitoring solutions can also automatically control flood gates and pumps. They have been deployed by local communities and incorporated into large scale Environment Agency and Local Council projects protecting hundreds of homes.

They have been used to protect raw materials on riverside industrial sites and solar installations that feed the National Grid.

Please click here for our brochure on PowTechnology’s IIoT Solutions for Flood Protection

How can PowTechnology’s flood protection technology help you?

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