Flood Protection

PowTechnology’s Metron monitoring kit offers a robust and reliable solution to remote monitoring. The adoption of Metron has removed the cost of employing staff to monitor and is safer too! The kit is hardy, easy to set-up, and the quality of the tech support is 5 star! The residential community is pleased with the early warning system and eager to introduce more automation.

SpatialMatrix CTO

The Task

SpatialMatrix specialise in geographic information systems. The Oyan Dam in Nigeria is managed and authorities can open valves to release excess water downstream, if levels rise beyond capacity. If the river is already high, water can back-up village drainage channels and flood homes, businesses and farms.

The Solution

Solar-powered PowTechnology Metron hardware reports drain level to PowTechnology’s MetronView cloud every 10 minutes. Unlimited high-level alarms to be established, based on historical data, allowing for seasonal changes in ‘normal’ level. Alerts can be based on rate of change, to know if levels are rising very quickly over a short period of time.

The Result

Evacuations can now be ordered in a timely manner and drain blockages causing levels to rise are identified. Data is available to demonstrate to Dam authorities the need to release water more gradually, which will protect lives, crops, livelihoods and communities.


  • Lives protected
  • Livelihoods protected
  • Seasonally adjusted
  • Blockages identified
  • Data for Dam authorities
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