Utilities & Pumping

Speedy have been using PowTechnology’s IoT solutions across a range of applications for several years. Now we have hundreds of Metrons deployed. The PowTechnology team offer exceptional service and support and the kit is reliable, robust and entirely fit to purpose across a range of industrial environments. MetronView cloud is intuitive and gives us exactly what we need. PowTechnology continuously gather feedback and use that to develop the MetronView cloud to deliver further efficiencies. I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending PowTechnology or their solutions.

Head of Fuel

The Task

Speedy are one of the UK’s largest providers of equipment rental and support services to clients in construction, infrastructure and facilities. They use PowTechnology’s IIoT kit in several applications. fPod® is a portable fuel tank for temporary sites. Speedy needed an intelligent fuel management service to add value, create revenue and help customers avoid penalty clause fines for delays due to fuel run-outs.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s proprietary m2m kit reports fPod® fuel levels regularly to our MetronTMS portal, designed to manage bulk deliveries and collections to tanks. This includes alerts for theft/leakage and when tanks reach amber/red low levels, allowing for efficient logistical scheduling, whilst ensuring customers don’t run out of fuel.

The Result

Speedy have differentiated themselves on service, winning customers, who are protected from costly fuel run-outs. Speedy also have a new revenue stream, supplying fuel as well as equipment rental.


  • Differentiated service
  • New revenue stream
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Penalties clause fines avoided
  • Reduced delivery costs
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