This PowTechnology solution has delivered exactly what the customer needed. Since the installation they have always known when to refill the water tank and the cows have always been supplied. The Metron technology is pretty much ‘fit and forget’, requiring very little maintenance. I have tested the device thoroughly. It is reliable, robust and flexible with the 4 channels and I am offering it into a range of process control and automation applications with great confidence.

Stork Solutions MD

The Task

Stork Solutions supply instrumentation solutions, encompassing water, waste and power management systems. One farm without mains power, uses a water trough for cattle away from the farm buildings. The feeder tank could run out compromising the welfare of the herd, especially during a prolonged warm, dry spell.

The Solution

Due to the lack of external power, solar-powered PowTechnology lloT kit was installed on the large feeder tank. Tank level readings are reported regularly to PowTechnology’s MetronView cloud via the mobile phone network. Alerts are generated if water drops below a user-defined level.

The Result

Reliable alerts ensure timely refills of the feeder tank, ensuring the cows never go thirsty. Farm personnel are freed from manual checks and there is no need to purchase expensive emergency water supplies.


  • Herd welfare protected
  • Productivity improved
  • Heavy usage detected
  • Staff time freed up
  • Emergency purchases avoided
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