The PowTechnology kit has proved itself on numerous occasions. Their Admin team is extremely efficient and the tech support has been fantastic. When we first used the Metron technology, tech support talked us through the whole set up. Everything was very clear and very quick. We wouldn’t hesitate to use this kit again for similar applications.

Irrigation & Water MD

The Task

Irrigation and Water are experts in water engineering. Wood Hall Stud specialise in racehorses. Water for the whole estate is supplied from a borehole, filtered, stored in large tanks and pumped to usage sites. Fresh water is essential to daily activity, but occasionally the filter blocks water flowing from the borehole to the storage tanks.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s Industry 4.0 kit monitors level on the tanks and pressure on the pumps. Power is also monitored in case back-up generators are needed. PowTechnology’s solution has battery back-up in case of external power outages, which are a local issue. Alerts prompt timely action.

The Result

Alerts generated via PowTechnology’s cloud ensure that the Estate never runs out of water, protecting the people and horses from welfare consequences as well as protecting the reputation of the Stud. Filter changes are now done when needed, rather than on a scheduled basis, creating time for other activity.


  • No water run-outs
  • No emergency supplies needed
  • No delays to activities
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Enhanced reputation
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