As a global lubricant manufacturer, FUCHS Lubricants need IoT solutions that protect and enhance its brand. PowTechnology’s solutions do exactly that, helping us add value and drive efficiencies for our customers. The equipment provided generates accurate data collection and assists FUCHS Lubricants when managing its lubricant for multiple customers. Over nearly a decade and across a range of sectors, PowTechnology’s IoT kit gives us what we need, backed up by great service and support.

Industrial Area Sales Manager

The Task

Fuchs Lubricants, the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer, services over 100,000 customers. They have used PowTechnology’s IIoT kit in various applications. One customer manufactures diesel propulsion systems. It was crucial they understood lubricant usage patterns and that they never ran out of essential hydraulic & compressor oils.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s remote monitoring solution gives regular data and low level alerts to both Fuchs and their customer via our MetronView cloud, eliminating run-outs and improving management understanding of how & when lubricant is consumed.

The Result

PowTechnology’s kit now eliminates unplanned stoppages due to run outs and helped identify poor production practice and maintenance issues. Fuchs have retained an important customer by using technology to add value to their service and differentiate themselves.


  • Excellent service delivered
  • Contract extended
  • Productivity improved
  • Emergency deliveries eliminated
  • Poor practice identified
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