Fuel Management

Malary differentiates itself on innovation and exceptional customer service. This PowTechnology IIoT solution has delivered both for our customer. It ensures Government contracts are fulfilled in conformance to the customer’s stringent corporate governance and ISO14001 environmental commitments.

PowTechnology have flexibly accommodated our safety and technical requirements for an Upper Tier COMAH site. Our customer is delighted that production has not been affected by run-outs since the solution was installed.

Malary Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Task

Malary is a trusted name in innovative UK industrial site services, waste processing/ recycling and PFO production. One customer was concerned about fuel run-outs potentially stopping production for Government infrastructure contracts. Manual stock checking was inefficient and potentially unsafe on 10m high tanks. They asked for an IIoT solution to overcome these concerns.

The Solution

PowTechnology were recommended. Solar-powered Industry4.0 technology, with battery backup was safely installed on an Upper Tier COMAH trial site. Hourly, automatic fuel level updates enable efficient re-ordering. Historic usage data assists stock planning and alerts identify unusual activity, which could indicate leakage, contamination and maintenance needs.

The Result

Successful trials preceded a full rollout. Malary’s customer is confident in this digital transformation solution and delighted that production has never been affected by a fuel run-out. Deliveries are planned for maximum efficiency. Using solar power has also helped them conform to Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance and ISO14001 commitments.


  • Differentiated service
  • Customer loyalty
  • Improved supplier efficiency
  • Improved customer productivity
  • Environmental commitments upheld
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