We have offered PowTechnology’s telemetry into a range of sectors now, from mining and filtration to fuel distribution and public transport. The kit is reliable and affordable and the technical support is great. Our customers keep coming back for more!

Permark MD

The Task

Permark supply fuel management systems, pump units, fuel storage and dispensing technology. BD Flood are major suppliers of construction materials to the Irish construction and agricultural sectors, using their own large fleet of vehicles, which use diesel and AdBlue, and could be immobilised if the tanks ran out.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s IIoT solution takes automatic hourly readings of tank levels, reporting to PowTechnology’s MetronView platform, which generates alerts when levels fall below user-defined levels, so that supplies can be ordered in good time. before tanks run out or tank bottom sediment damages vehicles.

The Result

Run-outs are eliminated, meaning customers on construction sites, with stiff penalty clauses are not let down. Tank bottom sediment is no longer drawn into vehicles, avoiding damage and repairs. There is no need for expensive emergency deliveries and staff are freed from taking manual readings.


  • Run-outs eliminated
  • Emergency deliveries avoided
  • Improved customer service
  • Maintenance costs reduced
  • Staff time released
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