Factory automation

PowTechnology really listened to our brief and brought our ideas to life. Their engineers gave us everything we needed and we have every confidence in them going forward. Their telemetry hardware is robust and reliable, the software gives us everything we asked for and the technical support has been excellent.

Ayton MD

The Task

Ayton Gas Management offer industrial gas process engineering, to increase gas process efficiency and profitability. Many customers use MCP’s (Multiple Cylinder Packs) and typically have 2-3 spare packs on site, to ensure they don’t run out. This incurs a rental cost and presents a hazard, due to cylinder contents and physical handling.

The Solution

Ayton’s ‘AGC’ Management Solution is an automated, less labour intensive, safe and reliable method for storing and ordering. PowTechnology’s Metron telemetry hardware sends data on MCPs to our MetronView cloud. Ayton’s manifold switchover technology, makes this a fully automatic stock ordering system and 24/7 fault monitoring system, capable of triggering automatic service calls.

The Result

Now MCP users only need two packs on site. PowTechnology’s software populates automated purchase orders with all the relevant details. Deliveries are scheduled to arrive well before a second pack would normally run out, meaning the end-user never runs out of gas. Rental on additional MCPs is eliminated, along with the safety hazards.


  • Run-Outs eliminated
  • Improved site safety
  • Reduced rental costs
  • Staff time released
  • Less space required
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