Factory Automation

I’ve worked with PowTechnology for 20 years and I had no hesitation selecting them as our IIoT development partner. Communication and flexibility have been key factors in this project’s success. Their turnkey service has delivered our vision and strengthened our global brand.

Smart Packaging Control has been shown to increase in-spec rate to over 95% for any given production line and typically pays off in just 3.5 weeks. That makes our customers very happy!

David Duckworth
Henkel Engineered Solutions Manager

The Task

Henkel is the global leader in the market of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. Their hot melt glue is used in the manufacture of millions of cardboard boxes. Too much glue is an expensive waste. Too little glue risks quality. Henkel wanted to help customers manage adhesive application through Smart Packaging Control, as part of their Digital Product range “Henkel Qhesive Solutions”.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s bespoke IIoT solution uses edge-processing to remotely and securely monitor multiple elements within the packaging process. A custom web portal displays analytics on this real-time data. KPIs are set to maximize productivity, minimize costs and promote sustainability, with alarms set to indicate threshold breaches. Quality and maintenance issues can be easily identified.

The Result

This solution is affordable, reliable, easy to retro-fit and now deployed in the North America, Europe and Asia. Henkel’s value-added service differentiates them from other adhesive manufacturers by reducing customer costs. Benefits include maximizing employee productivity, minimizing energy/ product consumption, improving box quality and extending machine life/ line uptime through predictive maintenance.


  • Competitive advantage through differentiation
  • Improved customer productivity & quality
  • Maintenance issues identified
  • Customer loyalty
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