Using PowTechnology’s loT kit to remotely monitor water levels has had multiple benefits. We are alerted to water level issues far more quickly meaning we can respond and take action quickly. There are significant time and cost savings when compared to manual observations and we can obtain the measurements without disturbing the wildlife. It also provides a great data set for analysis and research into species requirements and habitat condition.

Site Manager RSPB Reserves

The Task

The RSPB is the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe, maintaining over 200 nature reserves in the UK. They needed to remotely monitor and manage water levels at reserves to maintain sensitive wildlife habitats by opening sluices to achieve optimum water levels.

The Solution

Self-sufficient, solar-powered loT devices have been installed at various sites to monitor and control water levels and sluices. Data & alerts are received by wardens via PowTechnology’s cloud, on any web-enabled device.

The Result

Regular data & alerts help with habitat research. The RSPB can respond to issues quickly and inexpensively, without disturbing the wildlife or endangering employees, to maintain ideal breeding and feeding conditions.


  • Habitats are protected
  • Breeding is encouraged
  • Research data generated
  • Staff are safer
  • Creates time for other tasks
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