2022 Review with Dave Oakes, PowTechnology CEO


This year really does feel like the start of a new era. 2022 saw several new roles created and internal promotions. Our digital transformation development team tripled its size meaning our core IIoT hardware and software offerings will be further advanced, plus we have more resources available to meet customer specific requirements.

We have expanded the range of IIoT technologies that form ‘Metron Intelligence’, greatly enhancing PowTechnology’s capacity to develop bespoke application-specific remote monitoring solutions to help our customers stay ahead of the market.

By growing our in-house development resource we have been able to respond to evolving customer needs. 2022 saw us bring several proofs of concept to market in just a few months, which enabled our customers to offer unique, added-value to their own customer base and stay ahead of their competitors despite increasing challenging commercial landscapes.

We saw particular success in the area of enhanced fuel management solutions, building on remote tank level monitoring, but also offering authorised dispense, SMART inventory management and fuel theft management

I am delighted with the augmentations to our MetronView IIoT platform, which make it even easier to integrate third party telemetry devices, RTUs, sensor gateways and IoT / IIoT routers.

As part of our ongoing commitment to recognising and responding to evolving customer needs, there have also been impressive developments within MetronView’s capabilities to perform calculations and logical operations.

PowTechnology has also delivered further enhancements user interfaces or web portals. For example, from within MetronView we can now provide ‘customised views,’ incorporating new filters, sorting functionality, column headers etc. We can give you ‘at a glance’ tables so you can see which devices are in alarm as well what has alarmed and when, we can put this on a map, we can show MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) and a broad range of calculated fields, which could be invaluable in condition monitoring applications.

PowTechnology’s well-proven 4G-ready Metron4 telemetry hardware has also seen a number of augmentations! A multiplexer now enables 8 digital channels via a single Metron4 channel, so this telemetry device can now be used for 32 digital channels or a combination of digital and analogue signals, which could be used to identify application-specific conditions and prompt a response. It provides a foundation for further extended sensor interfaces and lays a strong foundation for ‘on the edge’ processing.

PowTechnology have been proud to have maintained a robust supply chain, despite ongoing challenges in the world of electronics. Having said that, we are still encouraging customers to plan ahead, wherever possible, especially with the 2G sunset getting closer.

In summary, 2022 delivered a great set of financial results and 2023 has started well. So … new name, stronger team, fantastic new developments in place and even more soon to be announced … I have every reason to be confident of a record 2023 … the future is certainly looking bright!”

We welcome your enquiries. Please come to us with your application ideas and we will do our very best to help!

We asked Dave Oakes, PowTechnology CEO to say a few words about 2022 and tell us what we can expect from PowTechnology in 2023.

“Firstly, Happy New Year! For PowTechnology, it’s not just a New Year … but a whole new company name. We felt that the name PowTechnology better represents our capabilities as an organisation, whilst maintaining the ‘POW’ element of our name, as a link to over 30 years of company heritage.

Along with the new name, we have new logos for the business, our Metron4 telemetry hardware and our MetronView IIoT portal. We are also taking the opportunity to refresh and fully update our website with our latest digital transformation developments.