Ardent’s Partnership With PowTechnology Creates The Market-Leading Fuel-IT Smart Fuel Tank!


PowTechnology have a proud history of successful collaborations, developing IIoT solutions to help customers achieve specific organisational goals.

Our most recent example is partnering with Ardent Hire Solutions to create the Fuel-IT smart fuel tank, which collects level, flow, dispersal and GPS location data.

Ardent is a multi-category rental equipment specialist. It differentiates itself through digitalisation, sustainability and customer service and manages over 7000 assets, via 10 depots across the UK. It uses its own multi award winning ‘Site Manager’ software, which tracks asset performance and alerts sites of safety and productivity events based on telemetry data.

Ardent kit is often hired to construction sites. In the past, sites used low-tax red diesel. Ardent realised that in April 2022, diesel rules would change. Red diesel would only be available for vehicles/machinery used in agriculture and forestry. Non-road mobile machinery on construction sites, such as bulldozers, cranes and generators would be obliged to use white diesel.

White diesel can be widely used, such as in cars and for commercial heating. The cost-of-living crisis was increasing incidents of fuel theft in general and it is more difficult to detect stolen white diesel than red. For construction sites, this meant site fuel would be more expensive and a far more attractive target for theft.

Ardent is a data-driven business and immediately recognised the opportunity to offer customers a superior product, which would monitoring data from on-site fuel tanks, integrating it into Site Manager, to enhance safety, security and productivity.

They reviewed the market for a partner with the flexibility to realise both the functionality and integration elements of their vision. A PowTechnology customer recommended us!

PowTechnology’s IIoT Solution Architects worked with Ardent to define their project scope and our Development Team produced a proof of concept within 6 months of our first contact.

Feedback on that prototype helped refine functionality and aesthetics, as well as modify the design for ease of manufacture and maintenance. The new design incorporated a waterproof membrane keyboard, backup battery, priming pump, a modified mounting backplate to aid maintenance and lighting for visibility in darker conditions.

As well as monitoring level to automate fuel ordering, plan fuel deliveries and avoid run-outs, the Fuel-IT tanks offer authorised dispersals, where users identify themselves and the asset being fuelled. Authorised users can see data on any web-enabled device.

PowTechnology have also provided full installation and usage training to a range of Ardent personnel.

Within 18 months Ardent were rolling out a proven, market-leading IIoT solution, which helps their customers streamline operations, reduce costs, improve health and safety and increase sustainability on site.

Success has been immediate! Ardent have reported that benefits identified by customers include:

  • A reduction in fuel consumption on a major site by 50% since the introduction of Fuel-IT.
  • A stemming of fuel losses of £3,000 on Saturday mornings as contractors and other third parties now have to ‘account’ for fuel dispersals and unauthorised access is longer possible.
  • A credit from a fuel supplier who charged for 500 litres of fuel when Fuel-IT showed that only 460 litres had been delivered.

Jeremy Fish, Ardent CEO:


“We needed a partner with the expertise to achieve our vision, the agility to respond quickly to our commercial challenge and the infrastructure to provide exceptional technical support.

PowTechnology has been an excellent choice on all counts!

Fuel-IT smart fuel tanks are the UK’s most sophisticated tanks, enhancing our brand and reputation and our customers are delighted!

I would have no hesitation in recommending PowTechnology as an IIoT development partner.”

The modular, highly scalable design of PowTechnology’s IIoT solutions, combined with our practical understanding of sensing and communication technologies, allow us to develop versatile digital transformation ‘building blocks’.

We offer a range of off-the-shelf remote monitoring solutions and we can also work with you on bespoke IIoT developments, often based on these existing, proven building blocks, which dramatically lowers cost and development time.

Our solutions are fit to purpose and with controlled whole of life project costs and comprehensive technical support. They have been delivered globally, in diverse sectors.

Our case studies page bears testament to our wealth of sector and application knowledge.

We welcome your application enquiries and will do our very best to offer a reliable, fit-to-purpose IIoT solution together with user-friendly installation and outstanding technical support.