IIoT Solution Architect, Will Brown, Celebrates His First Anniversary with Powelectrics!


Will Brown joined the Powelectrics team a year ago. His mission was to understand our customers’ technical and commercial needs and to propose IIoT solutions, ultimately helping them achieve digital transformation and improve safety, efficiency and margin.

We asked Will for his thoughts on his first 12 months in the role:

“Wow, it is surely not a year already? They say time flies when you are having fun!

I was drawn to Powelectrics because I saw a focused telemetry company, with lots of experience, in a variety of sectors.

Since I started, our website and marketing material has been redesigned to tell our story with a strong emphasis on application case studies and user experiences. To me, that’s a really key point. Marketing shouldn’t just be a slick façade, with nothing behind it. PowTechnology is genuinely about walking the walk, getting data flowing and delivering real solutions.

In twelve months, I’ve worked on solutions for an amazing variety of industries, many with specific requirements to their process or product, although there is often alignment in the end game, be that reducing cost or waste or improving inventory management.

I’ve been exposed to several new sectors and been fascinated to learn about their challenges and complexities. Great example … did you know that finding a common earth on a train is extremely difficult? It plays havoc with thermocouples and RTDs. This wasn’t ever a problem I had encountered ‘on the ground’!

Several IIoT projects have taken Powelectrics further into the environmental and conservation space. For example, measuring salinity in a bird sanctuary was really a new challenge … but I love challenges and turning them into successful digital transformation solutions for a rapidly expanding range of end-users.

The growth of the Powelectrics internal development team has enabled far more extensive and sophisticated solution development, using a raft of new IIoT building blocks. It’s felt like a really fun balance between product and solution development and I love being able to offer such flexibility and the agility to get to market quickly.

I have particularly enjoyed the projects which exposed me to new technologies. One large development project, where I worked directly with our suppliers and customer, involved significant integration of web services and portals, as well as hardware and PCB engineering. It allowed me the opportunity to observe the high-level microelectronics integration skills now within Powelectrics.

Ultimately, it feels like we are developing Powelectrics into something new and exciting! 30 years of expertise & practical experience have created the infrastructure and tools to develop new skillsets and refine existing skills. Those, in turn, reinforce my belief in Powelectrics’ strengths and capabilities to continue delivering against new challenges.

I’m really excited for the future!! I’m increasingly involved in direct sales planning, funnel development and how we go to market and present ourselves. It’s fabulous to bring my direct customer experience into that space and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to broaden my perspective and contribute across different areas of business strategy.”

Dave Oakes, Powelectrics MD, added: “Will has proven himself as a valuable addition to the Powelectrics Team! His energy and enthusiasm are infectious! These are backed up with strong and rapidly-expanding technical skills. He settled in really quickly and has contributed since Day One, getting on well with customers and colleagues alike. Will is a genuine team-player, who is totally on-board with our corporate objectives and working hard to ensure we achieve them. Well done and keep up the fantastic work!”

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