Powelectrics Has Become PowTechnology!


Happy New Year 2023! With the New Year we are also using a new name … PowTechnology!

Dave Oakes, CEO, told us: “PowTechnology was chosen because it better represents our capabilities as an organisation, whilst maintaining the ‘POW’ element of our name, as a link to over 30 years of company heritage.

‘Technology’ has been defined as ‘the application of knowledge to reach practical goals in a specifiable and reproducible way’.

PowTechnology IIoT solutions make processes smarter, enabling our customers to get data flowing rapidly as a first step towards their digital transformation and supporting them through to an international estate of connected assets.

The name PowTechnology encapsulates that, incorporating our proprietary IoT devices and platform, IIoT solution design, manufacture, comprehensive testing and installation.”

The name change should not affect our customers, suppliers or partners. The company scope, ownership, registration details, premises, personnel, phone numbers and accreditations remain unchanged.

Links into our Powelectrics website will divert automatically and emails will forward automatically until people are accustomed to the new @powtechnology.com format.

Customers will start to receive invoices from PowTechnology, but PowTechnology still accept invoices to Powelectrics for a transitional period.

Customers using our MetronView IIoT portal will not be affected. Just log in and use it as normal!

Please get in touch if you have any queries.