Flow Sensors For Gases

Thermal Flow Sensors operate on the thermodynamic or calorimetric principle, without moving parts, which means they are robust and resistant to soiling. There are no bearing, impellers or other moving parts to get damaged or wear out. Thermal Flow Sensors for Gases are available in either compact form, with the sensor and the electronics combined in one unit, or you chose a separate amplifier and controller.

As well as being high quality, these air flow sensors have quick response times.

They are often used to check ventilation systems are operating as well as check that filters aren’t blocked.

This PRODUCT SEARCH tool allows you to find the most appropriate sensor to suit the application, with selections for medium (liquid, gas, glycol), power supply, flow rate, supply voltage, output type, connection type, temperature range and ATEX category.

You can also learn more about EGE flow sensors for gases by clicking HERE to see the latest product information.

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