Temperature Controller - Hot Swap

This temperature sensor can be exchanged during hot swap temperature controller operation so there’s no need to stop the process. TN-type Temperature Controller Sensors are inserted into containers or pipes via a special stainless steel AISI 316Ti screw-in socket which allows users to remove and exchange them without leaking or polluting the process liquid. Featuring a separate control unit with a digital display, the temperature meter can be easily programmed via three buttons. Users can program two fixed switching points. Additional freely programmable functions include hysteresis, temperature windows, and on/off delay.


The Temperature Controller Sensor stores the minimum and maximum measurement after voltage has been applied; the memory can be reset at any time. Temperature values are optionally displayed in °C or °F. The system measures media temperatures between -40 and +120 °C. It is suited for ambient temperatures between -20 and +60 °C and pressures up to 20 bar, and features IP65 protection. Different models are available as DC or AC units for 230 V and 115 V, or with an OptoMOS relay, and optionally with a PNP or analog output. Featuring a G½ thread, the sensors are connected via an M12 plug connector or a fixed cable.

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