Temperature Controllers - TN 552

The compact models TN 552 GPP and TN 552/1 GPP have two independent adjustable switching points. The compact models TN 552 GAPP and TN 552/1 GAPP have one independent adjustable switching point and one scalable 4…20 mA analog output.


The detecting range for fluids is from -40 °C to +120 °C, the tolerance is 0.3 °C (0…80 °C). The compact model TN 552 offers a window function as an alternative to the standard limit monitoring. Additionally, the NO/NC output function is programmable. Transient temperature changes can be bridget with a switch-on / switch-off time delay.

The push-buttons on the front of the sensor are used for programming the sensor functions. The programmed switching point and parameters are displayed and set by keyboard request. This function is possible while the sensor is measuring.


The compact model TN 552  can be installed in standard T-pieces or welded T-pieces. The packing is made with an additional flat seal or with other suitable materials. Please note the temperature and pressure resistance of the seals for increased process conditions. Fixing the sensor in the T-pieces is only allowed on the screw head of the sensor.

After the installation the display can be turned through an angle of 330° for best reading. In applications with temperature over +80 °C the sensor should be mounted from the side into the pipe.


The hysteresis function isfor controlling a temperature value. A limiting value can be programmed in this mode. As soon as the measured temperature is higher than the programmed limiting value, the output signals are switched as programmed (NC or NO). The hysteresis value is the difference temperature for the switch-on and switchoff signal of the limiting value. An additional time delay for the switching signals can be programmed for each switching point.

In the frame function mode the switching function is set depending of a programmed temperature range. The temperature range starts with the programmed lower value and end with programmed upper frame value. The time delay for the switching signal can also be used in this switching mode.

The analog output can be use for transmitting the temperature and getting the proportional current. For that you assign one temperature for the 4 mA first-value and one temperature for the 20 mA last-value in the programming mode. Between the temperature values it is permissible to have a minimal difference of 16 °C / 29 °F.

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Sensors for personal security must have a qualification approval according to EN 954-1 and must be labelled accordingly. Sensors that are not labeled must not be used for applications of this kind.

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