Vortex flow sensors

These flow sensors suit applications where good linearity and larger measurement precision are required. They are insensitive to quick temperature changes and the reaction time of the devices is below 1 second.

The sensors benefit from no moving parts and are available with switched or analogue outputs. They are compact units, so the electronics/amplifier is built into the unit and operate from 24Vdc. They suit flow ranges from 2 to 20 litres per minute.

The built in display allows you to configure the switching point, hysteresis, on/off delays, and averaging. You can prevent others from tampering by protecting with an access code.

This PRODUCT SEARCH tool allows you to find the most appropriate sensor to suit the application, with selections for medium (liquid, gas, glycol), power supply, flow rate, supply voltage, output type, connection type, temperature range and ATEX category.

You can also learn more about EGE vortex flow sensors for gases by clicking HERE to see the latest product information.

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