Fuel Management

The distillery is delighted with this solution. Since the installation, there have been no unexpected run-outs and now they are rolling out the technology to other tanks on site. PowTechnology’s technical support was excellent throughout. The kit has done exactly what our customer needed and we’re now actively promoting this loT technology.

Service & Procurement Manager

The Task

FUELIink Systems provide commercial fuelling equipment including fuel tanks, pumps, gauges and AdBlue kit. Their customer is a Scotch Whisky distillery, partly heated by kerosene. Local gauges were difficult to access. There were occasions when tanks had run low, requiring expensive emergency fuel deliveries.

The Solution

PowTechnology’s lloT solution provided an automated remote monitoring system. Hourly tank level readings to PowTechnology’s MetronView cloud generate user-defined yellow and red low-level alarms, allowing stock to be reordered. Regular data is available for trend analysis.

The Result

Kerosine run-outs have been eliminated, ensuring that production is not stopped and the customer’s Scotch Whisky continues to flow around the world! Expensive emergency fuel deliveries are no longer needed.


  • Reduced cost to customer
  • Reduced cost to supplier
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Improved service
  • Management data
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