Daniella Moss Celebrates Ten Years With PowTechnology!


PowTechnology’s Daniella Moss is celebrating ten years with the company! We asked her to say a few words:

“Ten years! It seems like a very long time …  and PowTechnology is a very different company from the ‘Powelectrics’ I joined!

2013 was a momentous year … Andy Murray won Wimbledonsame sex marriage was legalised in the UK and Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United with a legacy of 38 trophies. Me starting at Powelectrics (as PowTechnology was) wasn’t quite on that scale for most people, but it has been a wonderful experience!

After many years in industrial field sales, I joined initially to manage prospecting, project tracking and marketing activities. I created articles, brochures, case studies and presentation materials and organised seminars, exhibitions and reference site visits.

Over time, that expanded to encompass web structure design, content creation and managing PowTechnology’s digital marketing. It’s a fascinating and extremely varied role … like going through the round window every day (for anyone that remembers Play School!).

One day I’m writing a brochure on IIoT Solutions for the Chemical Industry, another I’m on a train, chatting about condition monitoring at a rail exhibition or writing a case study on how our tech helps the reintroduction of beavers!!

I’ve been to exhibitions, conferences and training events across Europe. A particular favourite was attending the SPS IPC Drives in November 2018. It was held in Nuremburg. Apart from being a spectacular show, we got to see the magical Christmas markets, complete with the televised opening ceremony.

My role has evolved and expanded and so has PowTechnology!! It is now virtually unrecognisable from the ‘Powelectrics’ I joined. We have rebranded, relocated, changed Management Team and developed our IIoT offering beyond recognition.

There are familiar faces from ten years ago, lots of new faces and more on the way, across all departments and particularly in terms of our Digital Transformation Solutions Development Team.

They have created a range of highly scalable, modular IIoT building blocks. That means that, in addition to off-the-shelf, ‘plug n play’ solutions, we are designing many more bespoke solutions. The modular nature of the technology makes us extremely agile so we can create customised solutions with minimal development costs, creating proofs of concept within a few months, where others may take years.

This approach has recently earned us Industry Update magazine’s ‘Company of The Year’ award.

It’s an exciting work environment and I get the opportunity to promote an ever-expanding range of applications, in a rapidly growing range of sectors.

I love working within this talented, energetic PowTechnology team and it’s a huge pleasure to see it expanding and gelling.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues, customers and collaborators for making the last ten years such a wonderful and memorable experience!

Dave Oakes, PowTechnology CEO added:

“I’ve known Daniella for years and I respected her work ethic, professionalism and sales tenacity prior to her joining us.

Her field sales experience has been an incredible asset in discovering, qualifying and tracking new projects. Many key accounts having been identified and developed as a result of her endeavours.

Her creative energy has defined an enviable digital media presence for PowTechnology. Well done, Daniella!!

We look forward to more of your innovation and tenacity in the next ten years!!”

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