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PowTechnology offers you over 30 years’ experience recommending and supplying pressure sensors. We work with over a hundred quality international manufacturers and offer a range of pressure transmitters to suit various applications, available in a variety of ranges, housings and connector types.

Our SPS series of robust and affordable hydrostatic level sensors offer simple installation, proven reliability and great value. With options available for ATEX, hygienic and aggressive applications, they are widely used for tank level monitoring for fuels, water, waste, lubricants, chemicals and foodstuffs and water level monitoring for applications such as reservoir monitoring, flood monitoring and wild environment management.

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These high performance Pressure Sensors are suited for measurements in pipes and containers. The high accuracy of our Pressure Sensors capacitive ceramic gauge head also makes it an effective fill level monitor. Click on the title for more information.

What can PowTechnology’s pressure sensing expertise do for you?

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