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Remote Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring & Condition Based Maintenance are proven maintenance management concepts. Early failure detection allows planned intervention, minimising energy use & preventing breakdown cost, disruption & safety issues.

PowTechnology partners with trusted industry specialists to deliver advanced, yet affordable, remote condition monitoring solutions, which continuously track & trend critical assets to protect your operations.

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Condition based maintenance delivers so much more than planned maintenance (based on fixed time periods or hours run).


  • Automation of labour-intensive performance data capture.
  • Rich data sets to automatically detect anomalies in performance.
  • Root-cause analysis & defect elimination programmes.
  • Diagnostic resource focussed on faulty assets rather than all assets.
  • Planned responses to fault conditions.


  • Select the parameters to monitor & the frequency of data points.
  • Specify & install appropriate sensors & data collection equipment.
  •  Capture data under repeatable conditions, providing rich data for evaluation.
  • Apply data analysis algorithms to detect ‘out of normal’ operating conditions & machinery faults for individual assets or fleets.
  • Automatically flag up ‘in exception’ conditions against defined criteria.
  • Provide advanced data analysis for fault diagnosis.
  • Access experienced machinery engineers for remote advice & remedial action on site.

Many PowTechnology customers offer remote condition monitoring as a  value-added service or differentiator to win and retain business by offering enhanced service levels. Examples of PowTechnology solutions delivered include:

What can PowTechnology’s IIoT remote condition based monitoring solutions do for you?

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