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PowTechnology are contacting our valued, historic Metron telemetry customers, to advise them of upcoming changes in the UK mobile network that may affect them.

You may have seen that two of the three major UK mobile network operators, Vodafone and EE, will be switching off their 2G services. When this happens, PowTechnology older Metron2 telemetry devices using those networks will no longer be able to communicate. You cannot simply switch to a 4G SIM.

You may also know that PowTechnology released the Metron4 device some years ago. Amongst other benefits, it also offers 4G communications. Click here for more information on Metron4.

The switch-off will happen in the next couple of years, based on recent statements and press releases, so we are advising our customers to plan accordingly and set up a proactive replacement programme.

No one wants reminding of the Covid-related challenges that businesses have faced!! Nonetheless, the fact remains, that sourcing components can be difficult, especially microchips. Lead times are often more than 12 months.

PowTechnology are extremely proud to have maintained a robust supply chain throughout the pandemic.

Due to the extremely robust and versatile nature of the Metron2 device, there are still tens of thousands operating around the world.

PowTechnology anticipate that demand for Metron4 devices will increase due to the 2G sunset.

For this reason, we strongly urge any business, with the capacity to do so, to identify their needs going forward, and advise us so that we can plan and maintain the very highest service levels that you have come to expect.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how the 2G sunset will affect you.  +44 1827 310 666 sales@PowTechnology.co.uk or use this contact form.